LED Lighting for
Transport Industry

With people operating around the clock and high lux levels in pedestrian areas, the costs of keeping an airport, bus terminal, or train station lit are significant. Depot and maintenance areas require a heavy duty lighting system and may often require extra task lighting.

What Kellwood Offers Transport Hubs

  • Vastly reduced energy consumption
  • Consultation & Design to optimise specification
  • Reduction of costly high level maintenance
  • Ability to direct light precisely where required
  • Optional installation service

To get an idea of how the Kellwood team can help your business, please see our case studies page for a selection of successful past projects.

LED Lighting For The Transport Industry

Correctly specified lighting will ensure concourses are bright and airy whilst reducing electricity usage and avoiding glare. Specialist optics direct light exactly where it is needed and optional intelligent controls can significantly reduce energy consumption by ensuring only as much light as needed is used and full advantage is taken of ambient lighting.


Kellwood's range of advanced LED light fittings, combined with consultancy and lighting design service allow our customers to maximise energy savings while meeting optimum lux levels.

Typical Products of Interest

  • Premium High Bays
  • Industrial Floodlights
  • High Efficacy Linear Lights
  • Precision Optic Lenses
  • Glare Reducing Diffusers

Our standard product range can satisfy most project requirements - please contact us for special projects requiring bespoke product design.


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