The Cost of Commercial Pool Lighting: What to Expect

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Costs of Commercial Pool Lighting

Choosing the right lighting for a commercial pool is crucial not only for functionality but also for in terms of your budget. As a leader in LED lighting solutions in the UK, Kellwood Lighting offers a range of options tailored to meet the unique needs of different types of commercial swimming pools.

Key Takeaways

  • LED lighting is preferred for its energy efficiency and longevity.
  • Custom lighting design ensures optimal illumination and cost-effectiveness.
  • Costs can vary significantly, depending on the designated Class of the pool
  • Adhering to lux levels is crucial for safety and comfort in pool environments.
  • Uplighting is best practice, but adds to the cost. Downlighting would be cheaper, but can present significant glare issues.
  • Features like smart controls and marine-grade finishes can enhance functionality and long term saving but add to the initial cost
  • Kellwood offers comprehensive support from design to installation.
  • Consulting with experts can clarify costs and help budget for quality lighting.

Understanding Commercial Pool Lighting Costs

Commercial Pool Roof Lighting

The cost of commercial pool lighting is influenced by various factors, including:

  1. The size of the pool (assume a 25m pool costs half as much as a 50m pool).
  2. The surface reflectance, particularly the ceiling.
  3. The designated Class of the pool (1, 2, or 3).
  4. The mounting positions and ceiling shape, alongside locations of ducting, flumes, etc.
  5. Control requirements.
  6. The complexity of the installation and maintenance agreements

Lumen degradation is faster in hot environments; quality LED lighting, while initially more expensive, offers long-term maintenance and replacement savings due to its energy efficiency and longevity.

LED Lighting for Commercial Pools

LED lighting has become the preferred choice for commercial pools for many reasons beyond basic costs (*link to the first swimming pool article here*). But even when looking at swimming pool lighting options from a purely cost perspective, LEDs remain the clear choice due to their durability and reduced maintenance needs. Kellwood's LED solutions (*link to the products page*) cater to all pool types, ensuring optimal illumination and energy efficiency.

Commercial swimming pool lighting solutions can vary significantly, from as little as £5,000 for a small recreational pool to in excess of £50,000 for a Class 1 elite-competition pool.

Design Considerations for Pool Lighting

A well-thought-out lighting design is essential for achieving the desired lighting effects, while minimizing glare and shadows. Uplighting should always be the default solution, but requires careful consideration of surface reflectance, particularly if the ceiling is perforated or wood. It is not uncommon for >70% of light to be “lost” in a wooden surface.

Kellwood's experts also consider various factors, including pool size, usage and architecture, and existing wiring infrastructure, to create the best lighting solution possible, within the budget we have to work with.

Commercial Pool Up-Lighting

Lux Levels and Lighting Standards

Adhering to recommended lux levels ensures that pools are adequately lit for safety and comfort. Kellwood's lighting designs comply with industry standards, from recreation, to club, to competition, whilst balancing brightness and energy consumption.

Features and Accessories

Another consideration towards the overall cost of a swimming pool lighting system, are optional features and accessories. Kellwood offers advanced features like smart controls and marine-grade finishes, enhancing functionality and durability. Emergency lighting options are also available to ensure safety in all conditions.

Project Support and Consultation

Kellwood provides comprehensive support, from design to installation (including supporting preferred contractors), ensuring that clients receive the best lighting solutions for their budget and requirements. Consulting with Kellwood's experts can help clarify costs and options for your project.

Large Commercial Pool Lighting System


Investing in the right commercial pool lighting is essential for safety, efficiency, and ambiance. With Kellwood Lighting's expertise, you can expect high-quality solutions that meet your needs and budget.


1. What are the key cost factors for commercial pool lighting?

Size of the pool, type of lighting, design complexity, class designation, and additional features influence the cost.

2. Why choose LED lighting for commercial pools?

LED lighting offers energy efficiency, longevity, and better illumination compared to traditional options.

How does Kellwood support pool lighting projects?

Kellwood provides end-to-end support, from design consultation to installation and maintenance.

4. What are lux levels, and why are they important?

Lux levels are a measurement brightness; proper levels ensure safety and comfort in pool environments.

5. Can pool lighting features or accessories affect overall costs?

Yes, features like smart controls and emergency lighting can impact costs but offer long-term benefits.

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