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Hotel lighting is interesting for us because every project is a little different and solutions are often dictated as much by personal taste as interest in functionality and energy efficiency. Because of this, Hotel LED lighting upgrades typically require more consultation than other sectors and usually involve an iterative process.


Proven Benefits

Whether it's external façade lighting or corridors, restaurants and reception downlights, Kellwood specialise in large scale commercial and industrial lighting projects and will help your facility create a clean and modern aesthetic while providing large energy and maintenance savings. We will also advise on the suitability of standalone or linked intelligent lighting systems to further reduce energy usage.

Typical Products of Interest

  • High Efficacy Downlights
  • Architectural Bulkheads
  • External Façade Lighting
  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Centrepiece Lights

In addition to our standard product ranges, Kellwood can offer bespoke or tailored products subject for custom projects. Please contact us to find out more about this or any other product or service.

Discuss your Hotel lighting project

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Lux Levels for Hotels

Eave (Lux)Emin/Eave
Conference Rooms500>0.6>80<19-
Restaurant, Dining Room, Function Room300>0.5>80<22-
Self-Service Restaurant200>0.5>80<22-

IMPORTANT NOTE: data is compiled from hotel-specific lighting publications. However, these are recommendations only; careful consideration must go into every unique environment.

Popular Features and Accessories

Optic Variations

Optic Variation



Emergency Options

Emergency options

Wireless Lighting Controls

Wireless Control Systems


What Kellwood Offers Hotels

  • Consultation and Design Services
  • Minimised Energy and Maintenance costs
  • Wide Variety of suitable products
  • Optional Intelligent controls
  • Optional Installation

Kellwood specialise in large scale commercial and industrial lighting projects. Please see our case studies page for a selection of past projects.

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Hotel lighting

Kellwood's lighting design consultants can help you optimise your lighting installation by using computer simulations to target the desired lux levels. We will also work with you to take into account the importance of colour temperature in creating the desired ambience.

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  • I am delighted to have used Kellwood...

    - P. Nisbet, Wabtec Corporation

  • a project that was well planned and promptly accomplished

    - E. McHugh, Loganair

  • Where others let us down, Kellwood did not

    W. Coley, Barking Abbey School

  • client is over the moon with the end results

    A. Fraser, MacLean Electrical

  • I'd certainly recommend them

    V. Richardson, Stolle Europe

  • I'm more than pleased with the guys. I'd recommend them to anyone

    G. Gray, Logoplaste

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