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designs to meet all recommended lux levels for recreational and competitive rugby

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Rugby Lighting

A uniform and bright rugby pitch will improve the likelihood of players being able to fully show off their skill-set. Subsequently, a carefully designed lighting solution will optimise the experience of both rugby players, and spectators.

Kellwood Lighting will ensure that the desired lux targets and uniformities are met for televised, professional and recreational games of rugby. Please review the tables below for recommended lux levels for your rugby pitch.

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LUX Levels for Rugby Pitches

ApplicationTypical UseHorizontal
Eave (LUX)Emin/EaveEave (LUX)Emin/Eave
Class 1Premiership800>0.7500>0.7>60<50-
Class 2Regional200>0.6-->60<50-
Class 3Recreational75>0.5-->20<50-

IMPORTANT NOTE: data is compiled from rugby-specific lighting publications. However, these are recommendations only; careful consideration must go into every unique environment.

Popular Features and Accessories

Backspill Guard

Backspill Guards

Forward Throw Option

Forward Throw Optics

Marine Grade Finish

Marine Grade Finish

Wireless Controls

Smart Controls

Mounting Types

Mounting Types


Class 1 (National) - 8 Pole Solution

  • 15m poles
  • 8No. Lights per Pole
  • 920W Ayrton 3 Series
  • IESNA Type IV Optic with Backspill Guard
  • Tilt = 10°
  • Eav = 500 Lux
  • Uo = 0.73
Class 1 Rugby Layout

Class 2 (Regional) - 8 Pole Solution

  • 15m poles
  • 3No./4No. Lights per Pole
  • 920W Ayrton 3 Series
  • IESNA Type IV Optic with Backspill Guard
  • Tilt = 5°
  • Eav = 200 Lux
  • Uo = 0.65
Class 2 Rugby Layout

Class 3 (Local) - 8 Pole Solution

  • 15m poles
  • 2No./3No. Lights per Pole
  • 770W Ayrton 3 Series
  • IESNA Type IV Optic with Backspill Guard
  • Tilt = 5°
  • Eav = 100 Lux
  • Uo = 0.79
Class 3 Rugby Layout
Rugby Pitch Wireless Control Lighting

Wireless Lighting Controls suitable for Rugby Pitch

Kellwood's wireless lighting controls for a rugby pitch can offer
numerous benefits, such as energy efficiency, cost savings, operational efficiency, improved maintenance, and scalability.

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