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Lighting for Badminton

Badminton Lighting

With the top recorded speed of a shuttlecock being 493 km/h, on-court light levels must be high to give badminton players the best chance of returning play.

Kellwood Lighting can provide solutions to ensure that both competitive and recreational levels have optimum lighting. Please see the table below to find the right light levels for you.

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  • Badminton Class 1 Lighting Design

LUX levels for Badminton Courts

ApplicationTypical UseHorizontal
Eave (LUX)Emin/Eave
Class 1International1000>0.7>60<30-
Class 2Club500>0.7>60<30-
Class 3Recreational300>0.6>20<30-

IMPORTANT NOTE: data is compiled from badminton-specific lighting publications. However, these are recommendations only; careful consideration must go into every unique environment.

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Class 1 (National) - 10 Row Surface Mounted Solution

  • Mount height 10m
  • 3No. Lights per row
  • 300W Forsyth Series
  • 45°/90° Optics
  • Eav = 1,000
  • Uo = 0.8
Class 1 Badminton Court Lighting

Class 2 (Regional) - 10 Row Surface Mounted Solution

  • Mount height 10m
  • 3No. Lights per row
  • 150W Forsyth Series
  • 45°/90° Optics
  • Eav = 500
  • Uo = 0.8
Class 2 Badminton Court Lighting

Class 2 (Local) - 10 Row Surface Mounted Solution

  • Mount height 10m
  • 3No. Lights per row
  • 100W Forsyth Series
  • 45°/90° Optics
  • Eav = 300
  • Uo = 0.8
Class 3 Badminton Court Lighting
Barking Abbey School

Barking Abbey School

Kellwood Lighting and Electrical were contracted to supply and install all electrical infrastructure and lighting within Barking Abbey's brand new, national-standard Netball facility.

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Matlock ARC Leisure Centre

Matlock ARC Leisure Centre

Matlock ARC Leisure Centre: providing competition and recreation level lighting. Through a bespoke control system, the light output can be adjusted by a local push switch whilst simultaneously reacting to dynamic daylight changes.

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Saltire Centre

Saltire Centre

The Saltire Centre is an indoor football complex, cafe, and community centre located just outside Edinburgh, central Scotland. Kellwood delivered >50% saving on their initial budget for upgrading their lights.

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Carillion PLC is a british multinational facilities management and construction services. This project required a lighting upgrade across a range of facilities including 4G multipurpose sports pitch, swimming pool and gymnasiums at a leisure centre under their management.

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