Vehicle Inspection Pits Lighting

Inspection Pit lighting for rail and road

Lux levels and specialist INSPECTION PIT lightS for safe-area and Hazardous-area inspection and maintenance pits

Inspection Pit Lux Levels

Inspection Pit Lighting

How can Kellwood Lighting help?

  • Robust Light Fittings - our inspection pit lights are powder-coated with high IK (impact) ratings for increased product longevity.
  • Low Profile Lights - compact luminaires with multiple mounting options (suitable for recessed wall cavity installation) to maximise workspace.
  • Emergency Lighting - we can provide emergency lighting solutions for inspection pits, as well as general lighting solutions.
  • Energy Saving - High efficiency LED light engines minimise energy consumption, and electricity bills.
  • Lighting Design - our lighting design team have the knowledge and experience to provide inspection pit lighting schemes to meet SLL (CIBSE) requirements.
  • Smart Controls - optional smart controls can further reduce energy consumption through integrated microwave sensors and DALI dimming.

Please refer to our Hazardous Areas page for information relating to lighting other areas including tank farms, distilleries, and paint shops.


  • Inspection Pit Stephenson Series
  • Inspection Pits Model
  • Inspection Pits Lighting Design

Lux Levels for Inspection Pits

ApplicationTypical UseHorizontal
Eave (Lux)Emin/Eave
Pit Floor->100>0.5>40<45-
Painting (Touch Up)->1000>0.7>80<19-
Inspection PitRolling stock and vehicle inspection>500>0.4>70<25-
Maintenance PitRolling stock and vehicle maintenance>300>0.4>70<25Frosted diffusers mitigate auto-activation of welding masks
Railway YardsSee our dedicated railway yards lux levels page

IMPORTANT NOTE: data is compiled from industry-specific lighting publications. However, these are recommendations only; careful consideration must go into every unique environment.

Popular Features and Accessories

Atex Zone

Hazardous Area

Wire-in wire-out Inspection Pit Lighting

Wire-In Wire-Out

Stephenson Series frosted diffuser

Frosted Diffusers and Wire Guards

Mounting Types

mounting Options

Low profile fittings

Low Profile


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