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The Kellwood Group's lighting consultancy division has a proven track record of delivering successful factory LED lighting solutions to clients in the United Kingdom and worldwide. With varied mounting heights, wattages, and product quantities, upgrading to LED lighting can present a major opportunity for energy and maintenance savings.

Factory Lighting

Factory Lighting Products of Interest

  • High Efficacy High Bays
  • High Efficacy Vapour Proofs
  • Integrated Occupancy Detectors
  • IP65 luminaires
  • Floodlights

Proven Benefits

Kellwood Lighting specialises in high performance factory lighting and aim to be the most competitive quality driven option in every project we tender for.

To find out more about any of our standard products and services or to discuss a bespoke product design, please contact us

Discuss your Factory lighting project

  • Factory Lighting Design
  • Industrial 3D Render Lighting Design

Lux Levels for Factories

Eave (Lux)Emin/Eave
Preparation/Machine Work300>0.6>80<25-
Pressing, Rolling, Glazing300>0.6>80<25-
Engraving, Polishing750>0.7>80<19-
Hand Finishing750>0.7>80<16-
Precision Work1000>0.7>90<16-
Jewellery Manufacture1500>0.7>90<16-

IMPORTANT NOTE: data is compiled from factory-specific lighting publications. However, these are recommendations only; careful consideration must go into every unique environment.

Popular Features and Accessories

Wattage Range

Power Range

Reduced Glare

Reduced Glare

Optic Variations

Optic variations

Emergency Options

Emergency Options

Wireless Lighting Controls

Wireless Lighting Systems


Factory Wireless Lighting Controls

Factories Wireless Lighting Controls

Our Fit-and-Forget Wireless Pro lighting control system has distinct features that will support the operations within a factory, workshop, or industrial unit:

  • Don't waste your money lighting areas when no one is there: light levels on the factory floor, storage areas, transit routes, and mezzanines can be controlled automatically using PIR sensors. Lights dim to a "standby/background" level or turn off during periods of inactivity. Sensors can be integrated into each luminaire, or be mounted separately. Working together, they can activate every light in an area, or only those nearby.
  • Dim or turn off lights when there's plenty of natural light: during peak daylight hours photocell sensor(s) mounted near large windows or skylights will dim nearby lights to create a uniform brightness and reduce energy use. In some instances, lights can be automatically dimmed to "off", providing a 100% energy saving during the day. Only one sensor is needed to dim as many lights as you want.
  • Save time and stay compliant with automatic emergency light monitoring: integrated or non-maintained emergency lights (in high bays, linear vapour-proofs or bulkheads) can automatically self-test, and report back by email if there are any faults. There's no need to spend time manually checking every emergency light each month.
  • Scene Setting Plate: push-button switches can over-ride everyday operation, allow user-defined lighting settings to be recalled. This can be used to reduce energy during workforce downtime (cleaning hours etc.).

What We Offer Factory Lighting Projects

  • Wide range of suitable products
  • Expertise in the industrial sector
  • Consultancy and design service
  • Optional Smart controls
  • Optional Installation service

To view a range of successful past projects across a range of industries and sectors, please visit our case studies page.


Outdated traditional factory lighting can suffer from short lifetimes and rapid lumen degradation meaning that lighting levels are commonly below recommended lux levels. Our consultants will work with you to specify the best lighting installation for your budget, using lighting designs to ensure targets are met while minimising energy consumption. We will also evaluate the suitability of intelligent lighting systems to further reduce your operating costs.

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