LIGHTING for Oil Rigs

Hazardous Area or Explosion Proof lighting is one of the most challenging sectors in the lighting industry. Often requiring the ability to perform in extremely harsh environments, safety is paramount. The use of rigorously tested, and proven products is necessary.

Proven Benefits

Our consultants can offer lighting designs, using a variety of product types and optical lenses to ensure lux level targets are met whilst minimising energy usage. Kellwood's range of hazardous area products are toughened, corrosion resistant and have high levels of ingress protection to ensure long lifetimes and minimal maintenance.

Typical Products Of Interest

  • ATEX Rated Flood Lights
  • ATEX Rated High Bays
  • ATEX Rated Linear Lights
  • ATEX Rated Pendant Lights
  • ATEX Rated Low Bay Lights

If there is a customised or bespoke product you require for a project, please contact us to discuss your options.
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Lux Levels for Oil Rigs

ApplicationTypical UseHorizontal
Eave (LUX)Emin/Eave
Drill Floors->300>0.5>70<50-
Drill Towers->100>0.5>70<50-
Stairs and LandingsTransit>100/50*>0.5>70<50Outdoor*
Rotary Tables->500>0.5>70<50-
Test Stations->200>0.5>70<50-
Crude Oil Pumps->300<0.5>70<50-
Facility Areas->300<0.5>70<50-
Emergency LightingHigh Risk15% of Normal Illuminance

IMPORTANT NOTE: data is compiled from hazardous-area-specific lighting publications. However, these are recommendations only; careful consideration must go into every unique environment.

Popular Features and Accessories

Low glare

Harsh Environment

Marine Grade

Wire Guard


Vivergo Fuels

Vivergo Fuels is a £350M plant producing two high-value commodities which historically have been imported into the UK. Kellwood Lighting were tasked with providing an explosion-proof lighting system for a new vapour combustion unit being built on-site.

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Anglo American Oil

Anglo American Oil Company Ltd. distribute a wide selection of clean-burning performance fuels worldwide. Kellwood Lighting was asked by the client to provide a hazardous-area solution for their new UK facility.

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What Kellwood Offers Hazardous Areas

  • Range of internationally certified products
  • Heavy duty product construction
  • Lighting Design Service
  • Minimised energy/maintenance costs
  • Competitive pricing


Kellwood offer a range of robust, ATEX rated, hazardous area LED lighting products suitable for most applications. With long operating hours and large installation quantities common in this sector, the savings from switching to LED can be impressive.

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