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The United Kingdom is undergoing a lighting revolution and nowhere is this more obvious than with the replacement of traditional sodium and metal halide street lights with LED alternatives.

Kellwood Lighting has the skills & experience to ensure that both the public and private sectors can benefit through upgrading

Street Lighting

Proven Benefits

Kellwood's range of LED street lights and high mast lighting can provide improved light levels, reduced energy usage, and the Dark Skies Compliance needed for new installations.

Kellwood's street lighting design consultants aim to represent the most competitive high-end option on every car park, road, public park, campus, or municipal area lighting project we work on.

Typical Products of Interest

  • High Efficacy Street Lights
  • High Output High Mast Lights
  • Backspill Guards
  • Photocell Controls
  • Mounting Bracketry

If you are interested in any of our products and services, please contact us to find out how we can help.

Discuss your street lighting Project

  • Street Lighting Design Project

Lux Levels for Street Lighting


As per EN13201 STANDARD

Typical useHorizontal
Eave (LUX)Emin/Eave
ME1Motorised Vehicles (Traffic)20>0.4-
ME2Motorised Vehicles (Traffic)15>0.4-
ME3AMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)10>0.4-
ME3BMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)10>0.4-
ME3CMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)10>0.4-
ME4AMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)7.5>0.4-
ME4BMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)7.5>0.4-
ME5Motorised Vehicles (Traffic)5>0.35-
ME6Motorised Vehicles (Traffic)3>0.35-
MEW1DMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)20>0.4-
MEW1WMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)20>0.15-
MEW2DMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)15>0.4-
MEW2WMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)15>0.15-
MEW3DMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)10>0.4-
MEW3WMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)10>0.15-
MEW4DMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)7.5>0.4-
MEW5WMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)7.5>0.15-
MEW5DMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)5>0.4-
MEW5WMotorised Vehicles (Traffic)5>0.15-
CE0Motorised Vehicles (Conflict Areas)50>0.4-
CE1Motorised Vehicles (Conflict Areas)30>0.4-
CE2Motorised Vehicles (Conflict Areas)20>0.4-
CE3Motorised Vehicles (Conflict Areas)15>0.4-
CE5Motorised Vehicles (Conflict Areas)7.5>0.4-
S1Cyclists & Pedestrian15>0.4-
S2Cyclists & Pedestrian10>0.4-
S3Cyclists & Pedestrian7.5>0.4-
S4Cyclists & Pedestrian5>0.4-
S5Cyclists & Pedestrian3>0.4-
S6Cyclists & Pedestrian2>0.4-
A1Cyclists & Pedestrian5>0.15-
A2Cyclists & Pedestrian3>0.15-
A3Cyclists & Pedestrian2>0.15-
A4Cyclists & Pedestrian1.5>0.15-
A5Cyclists & Pedestrian1>0.15-
ES1Cyclists & Pedestrian (Increased Safety)10>0.4-
ES2Cyclists & Pedestrian (Increased Safety)7.5>0.4-
ES3Cyclists & Pedestrian (Increased Safety)5>0.4-
ES4Cyclists & Pedestrian (Increased Safety)3>0.4-
ES5Cyclists & Pedestrian (Increased Safety)2>0.4-
ES6Cyclists & Pedestrian (Increased Safety)1.5>0.4-
ES7Cyclists & Pedestrian (Increased Safety)1>0.4-
ES8Cyclists & Pedestrian (Increased Safety)0.75>0.4-
ES9Cyclists & Pedestrian (Increased Safety)0.5>0.4-
EV1Cyclists & Pedestrian (Vertical Objects)50>0.4-
EV2Cyclists & Pedestrian (Vertical Objects)30>0.4-
EV3Cyclists & Pedestrian (Vertical Objects)10>0.4-
EV4Cyclists & Pedestrian (Vertical Objects)7.5>0.4-
EV5Cyclists & Pedestrian (Vertical Objects)5>0.4-
EV6Cyclists & Pedestrian (Vertical Objects)0.5>0.4-

IMPORTANT NOTE: data is compiled from street-lighting-specific lighting publications. However, these are recommendations only; careful consideration must go into every unique environment.

Popular Features and Accessories

Power Variations

Wattage Variations

Mounting Types

Mounting Types

Backspill Guard

Backspill Guard

Forward Throw

Forward Throw


Reduced Glare


Street Lighting Wireless Lighting Controls

Wireless Lighting Controls suitable for Street Lights

Kellwood's wireless lighting controls for street lighting can offer numerous benefits, such as energy efficiency, cost savings, operational efficiency, improved maintenance, and scalability.

What Kellwood Offers Street Lighting

  • Wide Range of Optics
  • Downloadable product photometry
  • Single or Double Surge Protection
  • Photocell Controls
  • Corrosion-resistant fittings

Browse our selection of LED Lighting case studies to get an idea of how Kellwood can help with your street lighting project.

LED Street Lighting

The application of LED Street lighting requires careful specification and design work to ensure light is directed exactly where required and that light pollution, glare, and photobiological effects are taken into account where necessary.

For example, in west Wales, Kellwood's lighting team were required to design an LED street lighting system which would cause minimal disruption to the local bat population.

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