Petrochemical Lighting

Oil Refinery Lighting

Within the wider Hazardous Area Sector, the Petrochemical industries often have the harshest environments, the largest installations and the longest operating hours. Safety and reliability are valued above all else and equipment is typically far more expensive as a result. Finding cost effective ATEX certified LED lighting can be a challenge.


Proven Benefits

Suitable products for this sector include features such as copper-free aluminium alloy construction, heavy duty powder coating and toughened glass for durability, and a range of wattages and beam angles to allow minimised energy costs while ensuring the optimum lux levels are created.

Typical Products of Interest

  • ATEX Certified Floodlights
  • ATEX Certified High Bays
  • ATEX Certified Linear Lights
  • ATEX Certified Pendant Lights
  • ATEX Certified Low Bay Lights

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  • Oil Refinery Lighting Design Render

Lux Level for Oil Refinery

ApplicationTypical UseHorizontal
Eave (Lux)Emin/Eave
Manual TasksTool Selection, Operating Valves, Lighting Burners>20>0.2520<55-
WalkwaysCirculation Movement>50----
Filling AreaFilling/Emptying Trucks, Leakage Inspection>50>0.420<55Non-Dangerous Substances
Filling AreaFilling/Emptying Trucks, Leakage Inspection, General Service Work, Instrument Reading>100>0.440<55Dangerous Substances
Fuel StationLoading/Unloading>100>0.420<55-
MaintenanceElectrical/Mechanical Repairs>200>0.560<55-

IMPORTANT NOTE: data is compiled from oil refinery-specific lighting publications. However, these are recommendations only; careful consideration must go into every unique environment.

ATEX Certified

Hazardous Area

Mounting Types

Mounting Types

High Impact Resistant

High Impact Resistant

Marine Grade

Marine Grade

Wire Guard

Wire Guard


What Kellwood Offers Petrochem

  • Sector experience
  • Lighting design service
  • Range of internationally certified products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Minimised energy/maintenance costs

Please view our case studies page to view some of our satisfied clients and previous work.

ATEX Approved LED Lighting

Kellwood's Engineering division was set up over 30 years ago and manufactures equipment for the oil and gas market - the experience gained has been invaluable to us in entering this lighting sector. Our consultants understand the high standards necessary to ensure your lighting upgrade progresses smoothly and will work with you to ensure you are happy with the resulting lighting design.

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