LED Lighting for
Car Parks

Car park LED lighting upgrades can provide an excellent opportunity for considered design and high-quality LED lighting products to demonstrate their advantages over cheaper alternatives.

Long operating hours and high numbers of fittings mean that reliability and efficacy are extremely important in maximising the cost savings of an LED lighting installation.

Proven Benefits

Kellwood have an excellent past record in delivering both indoor and outdoor car park LED lighting solutions.

Our consultants and lighting design team will work with you to specify a durable, reliable and high efficacy solution, considering intelligent lighting controls where suitable to ensure the most cost effective LED lighting array is installed.

Typical Products of Interest

In addition to our standard products, please contact us to find out about customised/bespoke products for special projects

Discuss your car park lighting project

What Kellwood Offers Car Parks

  • A wide range of durable products
  • Proven experience
  • Market leading efficacies
  • Precision Optics to minimise energy use
  • Optional Installation Service


It is important to consider factors such as IP rating and corrosion resistance as most car parks will be open to the elements.

Product variation should be kept to a minimum for simplicity and cost effectiveness. In order to maximise savings, it is important to find the optimum lux level - too high can be a waste of money and too low may cause a health and safety risk.

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