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Warehouse Lighting

Upgrading traditional warehouse lighting with LED light fixtures is a straightforward way in which to significantly reduce an organisations' energy consumption. Commercial and industrial storage area lighting projects have few differences between them.

Warehouse Lux Levels

Commercial Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse Light Fixtures

Browse our warehouse lighting fixtures and lights product range. All products are available with IES files, allowing our consultants to design the most cost-effective solution for facility.

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Kellwood's LED warehouse lighting products are specifically designed to focus light down into the aisles or walkways between racking. Supplied with the right information, Kellwood's consultants can complete lighting designs to ensure the right LED warehouse lights are specified. Kellwood is the UK's premier warehouse lighting supplier. If you would like to find out more about our specialist warehouse LED lighting systems, speak to a consultancy team leader.

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Lux Levels for Warehouses

ApplicationTypical UseHorizontal
Eave (Lux)Emin/Eave
Main (Forklift) AislesLarge Item (Pallet) Storage100-200>0.5>70<30100lux for low activity
Pedestrian AislesSmall Item (Box) Storage200>0.5>70<30-
Loading Bays-300>0.5>70<30-
Cold StorageSee our dedicated cold storage lux levels page
Freezer StorageSee our dedicated freezer storage lux levels page

IMPORTANT NOTE: data is compiled from warehouse-specific lighting publications. However, these are recommendations only; careful consideration must go into every unique environment.

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Best-loved for their signature shortbread, Walkers is, besides domestic success, one of Scotland's Largest food exporters. Kellwood Lighting consultants collaborated with a local supply-chain specialists to design and supply and intelligent warehouse lighting solution.

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Associated British Foods

Associated British Foods

Kellwood completed initial technical designs and delivered indicative supply-and-install pricing to Associated British Foods PLC within 48 hours of receiving invitation to tender.

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Anglo American Oil

Anglo American Oil

Anglo American Oil Company Ltd. distribute a wide selection of clean-burning performance fuels worldwide. Kellwood Lighting was asked by the client to provide a hazardous-area solution for their new UK facility.

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AALCO is the UK's largest independent multi-metal stockholders. Existing lux levels were considered substandard at one of their sites in Glasgow. Kellwood's solution reduced energy costs up to 70% and increased lux levels by almost 3 times.

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Kellwood Lighting was asked by a third party consultancy and financing company to deliver a quality-driven and competitive lighting system for six Norish distribution facilities across England and Wales.

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Stolle Machinery

Stolle Machinery

Stolle are the industry leaders of two piece can and end-making machinery. Kellwood Lighting and Electrical were contracted as part of a multi-million pound development to install an industrial lighting solution in Stolle's primary distribution centre in northern England,

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Successful Projects

Kellwood has successfully delivered many largescale warehouse lighting projects, including nationwide contracts. Some organisations using our LED aisle and racking lights include:

  • Booker Distribution
  • Norish PLC
  • Walkers Shortbread
  • Associated British Foods PLC

LED Warehouse Lights

The key goal for warehouse lighting is to reduce the energy usage of the lighting array as much as possible, while achieving required lux levels. Intelligent lighting controls are a really good option for racking environments, including cold stores. It is also critical to implement the necessary warehouse emergency lighting.

Our lights are used by

BookerBrewdogSantanderDupontGlenfiddichSparLogoplasteLogainairNHSLothian BusesWabtecWalkers
Customer Reviews Bg
  • I am delighted to have used Kellwood...

    - P. Nisbet, Wabtec Corporation

  • a project that was well planned and promptly accomplished

    - E. McHugh, Loganair

  • Where others let us down, Kellwood did not

    W. Coley, Barking Abbey School

  • ...my client is over the moon with the end results

    A. Fraser, MacLean Electrical

  • I'd certainly recommend them

    V. Richardson, Stolle Europe

  • I'm more than pleased with the guys. I'd recommend them to anyone

    G. Gray, Logoplaste

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