Lighting Design

Lighting Design Services

Kellwood's in-house lighting design team can quickly produce a lighting simulation for your project, ensuring compliance with the latest CIBSE recommended lux levels

Lighting Design 3D Render

Lighting Design

Kellwood Lighting excels in providing a comprehensive range of LED lighting design services. Specialising in CAD (Computer-Aided Design), our Lighting Design Team leverages their expertise to create detailed designs that fully visualise the impact of installing LED light fittings within spaces.

Compliance and Customisation:

We understand the importance of compliance with industry standards. Kellwood typically designs to satisfy CIBSE recommended lux levels, ensuring adherence to established norms. Alternatively, our team is flexible and can collaborate closely with you to meet specific organisational requirements.

Client-Centric Approach:

At Kellwood, our clients' needs take precedence. We are committed to providing fine-tuned and distinct solutions that maximise the benefits of any lighting installation. We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how Kellwood Lighting can contribute to the success of your lighting project.

lighting design

In-house lighting consultants and designers

Getting In Contact with Kellwood

Get In Touch

Make contact with Kellwood Lighting team via Email/Call to discuss your lighting project.

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation & Site Visit

Our Lighting Consultants will review project documentation and communicate potential lighting solutions. We can visit site if required

Lighting Design

Lighting Design

Our Lighting Design team will simulate Kellwood's lighting products within your space to identify the optimum solution.

Product Specification and Documentation

Product Specification & Documentation

The optimum lighting solution will be returned to you with accompanying technical documentation.

Light Scene Designs

Project Review

Our Lighting Consultants will make contact with you to discuss the proposed solution.

3D Modelling lighting design

3D Modelling

  • Comprehensive Lighting Design: Kellwood Lighting offers a thorough lighting design service that takes into account the unique complexities of each project.

  • Experienced Team: The company boasts an experienced Lighting Design team capable of working with various design software, including Dialux, Relux, Revit, AutoCAD, 3DS Max, and Fusion 360.

  • 3D Visualisation Expertise: The use of advanced software prioritises creating realistic 3D visualisations of lighting designs, allowing clients to better understand the proposed lighting solutions.

  • Attention to Accuracy: Kellwood Lighting takes pride in the accuracy presented in their simulations. This dedication to delivering designs that closely match the real-life results helps clients make informed decisions.

  • Client Satisfaction: Our ultimate goal is to ensure client satisfaction with the final results. By providing accurate and realistic visualisations, Kellwood Lighting aims to exceed client expectations.

2D Site Lighting Design


Kellwood Lighting provides 2D Site & Block Plans to support effective project management and implementation for the various stakeholders involved in a lighting project:

  • Clarity for Contractors: With well-documented plans, the installation process is likely to be smoother. 2D Site & Block Plans offer a clear visual representation of where luminaires will be installed, helping contractors understand the scope of the project, encouraging accurate and efficient installation.
  • Simplified Approval Process: Having detailed plans can streamline the approval process within your organisation, or with Local Planning Authorities. Clear documentation assists decision-makers in reviewing and approving the lighting project, potentially expediting the overall approval timeline.
  • Client Understanding: Visual aids better communicate the proposed lighting installation to the client and ensures that the final design aligns with their expectations.
Lux Spill Drawings Lighting Design


Kellwood Lighting offers Lux spill drawings, which illustrate the spread and intensity of light in outdoor lighting projects. For external applications such as Equestrian Arenas, Sports Pitches, and Housing Developments, these drawings are particularly beneficial when seeking approvals from Planning Authorities.

  • Lux spill drawings from Kellwood Lighting demonstrate an active commitment to minimising adverse impact upon the surrounding area, reducing light pollution, and protecting natural habitats.
  • By communicating the extent of illumination and potential light spillage, these drawings assist Planning Authorities in evaluating whether the project aligns with required environmental and social policies/regulations.
Internal and External Lighting Designs


Kellwood Lighting provides comprehensive support for planning applications by offering Product Specification, Lighting Design, 2d Block Plans, and Lux Spill drawings.

  • These essential documents can enhance an application's chances of approval, by demonstrating a thorough assessment of the environmental and social impact of proposed lighting projects.
  • By providing this information, Kellwood Lighting assists clients in meeting the necessary regulatory requirements aligns their lighting projects with the Local Planning Authorities established policies.
Lighting Designs to Clients Specification


Kellwood Lighting offers Lighting Ecology Reports and Statements for both planned and retrospective lighting projects, providing a comprehensive assessment of how a lighting installation will impact the surrounding ecology and environment in your project area.

  • For planned projects, these reports help anticipate and address potential ecological concerns detailing how the proposed lighting affects local wildlife and ecosystems.
  • In the case of retrospective projects, where lighting has already been implemented, these reports can help evaluate the existing impact of lighting on the environment.
  • This documentation is often crucial for obtaining approvals from regulatory authorities and ensuring that the project aligns with environmental regulations and policies.

By offering Lighting Ecology Reports and Statements, Kellwood Lighting provides a valuable service to clients who are keen on understanding and mitigating the ecological impact of their lighting projects, whether in the planning stages or existing installations.

Custom Brackets


Kellwood Lighting's in-house Engineering Division offers comprehensive services for designing and manufacturing bespoke bracketry/accessories, ensuring that lighting installations can be seamlessly integrated on-site.

  • Through advanced software packages like AutoCAD and Fusion 360, our skilled technical design team are committed in providing a precise and efficient design process.
  • Kellwood’s CNC Machinists, Laser/Folding team, and Fabricators will support manufacturing requirements to provide clients with an end-to-end solution. This integrated approach optimises workflow, from design conceptualisation to the actual production of custom components. By taking ownership of the entire process, Kellwood Lighting can ensure that the manufactured products meet client-specific requirements and standards.
  • Whether working from a client's brief or starting from a conceptual design, Kellwood Lighting is confident and committed in providing tailor-made solutions to meet your specific needs.

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  • I am delighted to have used Kellwood...

    - P. Nisbet, Wabtec Corporation

  • a project that was well planned and promptly accomplished

    - E. McHugh, Loganair

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    W. Coley, Barking Abbey School

  • client is over the moon with the end results

    A. Fraser, MacLean Electrical

  • I'd certainly recommend them

    V. Richardson, Stolle Europe

  • I'm more than pleased with the guys. I'd recommend them to anyone

    G. Gray, Logoplaste

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