Aircraft Hangar Lighting

Few indoor lighting projects have such demanding lighting requirements at such a large scale as aircraft hangar lighting. High mounting heights, high lux levels and excellent uniformity over large areas are required to meet CAA and international aviation requirements for inspection and maintenance work.

Proven Benefits of LED Hangar Lighting

Kellwood LED lighting specialise in supplying and (optionally) installing large scale aircraft hangar lighting solutions. Our philosophy is to be the most competitive high-end option - this puts us in an excellent place to use our consultancy and lighting design team to provide an optimised hangar lighting array for your allocated budget, meeting all hangar lighting standards and requirements.

Popular Features, Services and Accessories

  • Premium High Bays
  • Precision Optic Lenses
  • Glare Reducing Diffusers
  • Industrial Floodlights
  • Lighting Design Service

While our standard product lineup can meet most requirements, occasionally we are asked to provide customised or bespoke fittings. Please contact us to find out how we can help.

Discuss your Aircraft Hangar Lighting Project

Lux Levels for Aircraft Hangars

ApplicationTypical UseHorizontal
Eave (Lux)Emin/Eave
Maintenance Facilities (Minimum)-500-750>0.6>80<22-
Maintenance Facilities (Recommended)-1000-1500>0.6>80<22-
Task Lighting-1000>0.7>80<22-
Airport ApronsSee our dedicated Airport Apron page

IMPORTANT NOTE: data is compiled from aviation-specific lighting publications. However, these are recommendations only; careful consideration must go into every unique environment.

Popular Features and Accessories

Power Variation

Reduced Glare

Mounting variations

Emergency options

Wireless Lighting Systems


What Kellwood LIGHTING Offers Aircraft Hangars

  • Large energy saving potential
  • Accurate design to meet CAA requirements
  • Peace of mind from high quality fittings
  • Range of outputs, beam angles & accessories
  • Optional Installation


These tough requirements provide an ideal opportunity for careful design and superior products to outshine the merely average. Long operating hours and high lux levels mean that relatively small differences in product wattage can add up to significant differences in running cost. Intelligent lighting controls are often useful where there is good ambient lighting and areas with irregular usage.

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