Benefits of Low Energy Lighting

Installing low energy lighting is the future for the UK's commercial, industrial, and office-based industries.

Our range of LED lighting offers these sectors the easiest first step towards carbon neutrality, but what other benefits will you see if you upgrade?

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Money Saving

  • Reduce your Energy Bills by up to 90%: LED lights are an extremely efficient light source. They use much less power to produce the same brightness when compared to traditional lighting technologies. Nationally, electricity prices have risen by 52% over the last 5 years (UK Government Statistics - Department of Energy and Climate Change - 2013). With this trend set to continue in the next five years, LED lighting solutions are increasingly appealing.
  • Pay only for the light you use: Many of our LED products are highly adjustable. Unlike fluorescent predecessors like tubes which waste light by sending it in the "wrong" direction, our LED products cast light only where you direct it. This means you only have to pay for the light falling on your desk, without the additional expense of light lost within the luminaire, or in the worst scenario, into into the ceiling space!
  • Reduced Replacement Costs: LED lights last significantly longer than traditional bulbs. A typical LED light bulb will be guaranteed to 30,000 hours, however our LED products last well over this; 50,000 hours and more! This means that the constant replacement costs of traditional bulbs far outweigh the initial investment and installation of good quality LED light fittings.
  • Reduced Maintenance Costs: The lengthy lifespan of LED bulbs means that maintenance costs are significantly reduced too. The actual labour cost of having to replace traditional bulbs when they blow once a year is often difficult for organisations to calculate, however it can be alarmingly high! This is particularly relevant for bulbs found in difficult and "expensive" to reach places where a simple step ladder is not an option; above stairwells, atriums, busy roads, production lines and on offshore structures are just a few examples of where companies and organisations can enjoy the "Fit and Forget" stance associated with LED bulbs.
  • Grants and Financing: There are many public and private sector grants and financing options available for new LED lighting installations. In many cases, you can consider your lighting upgrade as free!


  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: In an age where organisations are becoming increasingly aware of their carbon footprint, environmental responsibility and corporate image, LED lighting is very appealing as an opportunity to meet carbon reduction targets.
  • No Mercury: unlike fluorescent lights, LED bulbs do not contain mercury so don't require special recycling or disposal procedures. This is highlighted by a reduced WEEE Charge for LED lights.
  • Reduced Light Pollution: LEDs produce directional light. This means that light pollution can be minimised; an advantage for street lighting, particularly in "dark sky zones".
  • Zero UV or IR Radiation: LED light bulbs produce no ultra-violet or infra-red radiation. This is especially useful in museums and homes where conventional lights can damage sensitive fabrics, exhibits, wallpapers etc.

Health and Safety

  • No Glass: High quality LED light bulbs are made from a solid array of LEDs accommodated in a robust plastic housing. For industries where glass can cause huge amounts of down-time if broken glass infiltrates production, LEDs can offer a fantastic alternative while also reducing insurance costs. This is common in food manufacturing where glass cannot be picked up with standard food x-raying equipment during quality control.
  • Hygienic: Some LED lights come as fully sealed units as opposed to lights in an "open" reflecting luminaire. This means that dust and insects cannot gather inside the unit, leading to additional maintenance costs and hygiene concerns. This advantage over traditional lighting is often utilised in hospitals, food processing factories, care homes and other health-conscious organisations.
  • Reduced Fire Hazard and Risk of Burns: LEDs produce "cold" light, reducing the risk of burns and fire hazards. Consequently, installing LED lighting can reduce insurance costs.


  • Fully compatible: There is a retrofit LED product for almost every luminaire or an equivalent LED product for any traditional light bulb available in today's market. It is as simple as "changing a bulb"! This means that virtually no additional expenditure is required when upgrading to LED lighting. The only exception to this rule is when traditional "tube" luminaires may require their starter ballast by-passed to optimise the retrofit LED's efficiency.
  • Improved Light Quality: LED lights don't flicker or strobe. They can have a consistent, high Light Rendering Index revealing "true colours". Panel lights provide a uniform blanket of light.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: LED bulbs are compact, especially when compared to Energy Saving (CFL) Bulbs.
  • Robust: LED light bulbs are considerably more robust than traditional lights (containing glass, filaments and pressurised gases). They are also available in a comprehensive range of IP ratings. The electrical components are not housed in inert gases and Kellwood sources bulbs with Japanese diodes and capacitors ensuring superior quality. This makes them very suitable in vibrating and other "hostile" environments.
  • Instant Light and Dimmable: unlike Energy Saving CFL Bulbs, LED lights achieve maximum brightness immediately. LED tube lights don't require an expensive-to-run starter ballast. Some specially designed LED lights can be dimmed, allowing for much more control of your lit environment.
  • Temperature Optimisation: LEDs work particularly well in cold environments. They are typically tested at 20 degrees celsius and will perform even better than their "spec sheet figures" in temperatures below this, e.g. cold store and industrial freezers. LEDs produce "cold light" and many organisations find that they save as much money on "secondary system" costs, e.g. air conditioning, as the direct electricity savings associated with running LED lighting!

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