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Wireless Pro - Security and Compliance

How we ensure your site remains secure and meets regulatory standards - the rewards of using the (optional) internet-connected version of our wireless lighting system far outweigh the risks, even for sensitive sites

Kellwood’s Wireless Pro system protects network security and keeps commercially-sensitive site operation data confidential using:

  • Each Wireless Device only communicates via unique control messages, specific to the internal hard-coded software on each device.
  • Devices are classed as “Short Range Devices” (OfCom) and communicate at 868mHz, which eliminates the requirement for a network connection (WiFi, Bluetooth, or Zigbee).
  • Devices meet the requirements outlined in ETSI 300-220.

Internet Connection

An Internet connection is not a requirement for the system to function. However, when connected to the Internet, energy consumption data and maintenance status information can be viewed online. Firewalls can be maintained, and access can be restricted to cloud based storage, hosted by Amazon Web Services. Where data or sites are highly-sensitive, the Internet connection device can be excluded from the project.

Potential Forms of Attack for General IOT Lighting Systems

There are three possible ways that an attacker might try to take control of an IoT lighting system:

  1. An employee, or intruder could use commissioning equipment (if left on site), provided they know the password associated with the postcode on the tablet;
  2. A person with their own tablet and interface could stand outside the premises and attempt to control the lighting inside;
  3. An internet user could try to connect to the tablet via the internet and take control of it.

How We Defend Against Attacks

The Wireless Pro system keeps your system secure and backed-up by:

  • Commissioning equipment and dashboard access is protected by a password;
  • Access (online) to different sites can be restricted to different user levels.
  • External access to commissioning equipment would require collusion with an employee. If this method was used to switch lights off was a concern, a manual override switch could always bring all of the lighting back on at 100%.
  • The lighting is commissioned using an interactive drawing on an android tablet. This information is sent to the luminaires from the tablet via the LiteMate (a small battery-powered device). If and when the tablet is connected to the internet by wifi, the complete configuration database is backed up to the cloud to facilitate data restoration.
  • Any information transferred to the Cloud (configuration data, energy usage data and Emergency Lighting test data) is d in a SQL database on a commercial web service (eg AWS –Amazon Web Services). Users can also archive snapshots of their configuration data directly from the tablet into their own storage.

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